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There simply is no city on planet earth which commands the attention, hopes, prayers, and controversy that Jerusalem does. We believe, simply, that what happens in and to Jerusalem is vitally important to every person on the planet, whether they realize it or not. Sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, this city was all but abandoned 120 years ago, but today, it is full of people, prayers, and conflict.

As a ministry, Eagles’ Wings seeks to empower & equip Christians leaders through education and experience of the Holy Land. We desire to help people understand the Jewish roots of Christianity, help connect people to Israel’s past, present and future; and provide a travel experience that is truly life-changing to any believer.

Why Eagles’ Wings?

Eagles’ Wings is a global movement advancing three biblical mandates: Actively praying and working for a just and lasting peace for Jerusalem and all her inhabitants, renewing the importance of spiritual community; and fostering understanding across cultural divides.

Since 1994, Eagles Wings has brought over 20,000 pilgrims to Jerusalem, including students from 105 Universities through our “Christian Birthright” program. We have over 25 years of experience providing unique and personalized trips to the Land of Israel. We help pilgrims understand and connect not only to Jerusalem’s archeological past, but her dynamic and amazing present.

The Eagles’ Wings Experience



Serving your vision for a trip of a lifetime!



Understanding the Jewish Roots of your Faith



Connecting you to Israel’s past, present and future



Educating & Activating Leaders


  • "This Israel trip has wrecked me in a good way. It was life-changing."

    Pastor Teo Hayashi
    Pastor Teo Hayashi Mount Zion Church (São Paulo Brazil)
  • “Exceeded my expectations. I have known of several pastors that have traveled to Israel, but not on this level.”

    Pastor Terrell Snead
    Pastor Terrell Snead Worship Center Community Church (Compton, CA)
  • “My time with Eagles’ Wings in Israel was a life-altering experience.”

    Pastor Samuel Bentley
    Pastor Samuel Bentley The Ramp Church (Hamilton, AL)
  • “I had high expectations and this trip far exceeded my expectations. (I have) no words…Being in Israel with you (EWM Travel), I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes.”

    Pastor Joshua Finley
    Pastor Joshua Finley Elim Gospel Church (Lima, NY)
  • “I really believe this (trip) is the necessary prophetic bridge between Israel and the Christians."

    Pastor Daniel Mendoza
    Pastor Daniel Mendoza Celebration OC (Brea, CA)
  • “I am tied to this place in a way I never thought I would be. I will always have the "star of David" imprinted on my heart. It is as if my spirituality before this trip was just a ‘portrait’ and now it is a ‘panoramic.’ ”

    Pastor Jordan Biel
    Pastor Jordan Biel Rock of Grace Church (Kinsman, OH)
  • "You can live for Jesus without coming to Israel, but you can't know Jesus without coming to Israel."

    Pastor Shaun Olsen
    Pastor Shaun Olsen Morningstar Fellowship (Bechtelsville, PA)
  • “There was a paradigm shift. Things I got here I wouldn't have gotten in the States.”

    Pastor Kem Gaskin
    Pastor Kem Gaskin World Harvest Christian Outreach (Lancaster, CA)
  • “I had a disconnect between Israel of past and present. This trip has been a reconnection. I started as a tourist, became a pilgrim, and am leaving an activist.”

    Pastor Sean Smith
    Pastor Sean Smith Sean Smith Ministries (San Ramon, CA)
  • “It wasn't a tour, it was a challenge to understand our Jewish roots and connect it to our faith today.”

    Pastor Luke Cobrae
    Pastor Luke Cobrae Rock Church & World Outreach Center (San Bernardino, CA)

Robert Stearns


Robert Stearns is globally recognized as a communicator, musician, and thought leader. Equally at home among prime ministers and small faith communities alike, Robert works tirelessly for the dignity of all peoples everywhere and is widely respected around the world for his groundbreaking efforts.

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