Israel Experience

Training the next generation of emerging young leaders; giving them an educated heart for Israel.

Equipping Young Leaders

Don’t miss this incredible trip to Israel for young adults! This is the adventure of a lifetime for ages 18-30 years old. Experience the land of Israel and gain a deeper understanding of the roots of your faith. From outdoor adventuring to special sessions with a diverse group of leaders and young people living in the Land. Discover both the political and spiritual climate surrounding the Land and people of Israel! A deeply impacting time allowing for young Christian leaders to become equipped ambassadors on behalf of Israel.

Key Features & Experiences

  • Visit key biblical sites.
  • Guided by licensed and experienced Israeli guides
  • Gain a strong identification with the Jewish roots of their faith. Comprehend the history of Christian and anti-Semitism.
  • Know the history of the Shoah (the Holocaust).
  • Understand Zionism and its historical context.
  • Fully grasp and articulate the reality of the current Palestinian situation as well as an understanding of the Radical Islamic agenda as it pertains to the Judeo-Christian world population.
  • Gain a full and broad perspective of Israel’s diversity through various communities of faith.
  • Feed the poor of Israel at one of our Eagles’ Wings Feeding Centers.
  • Take part in a study of the Torah with Orthodox Rabbis.
  • Minister to the persecuted Christian Arab church.
  • Understanding the importance of praying for the peace of Jerusalem

Cost & Dates

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